Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feeling Better and Ready to Craft!

Well, its been a while since i have found myself seated at my craft desk.... i've cleaned it up, dusted it off and here i have sat making my first card since my shoulder dislocation and surgery.... it feels so good to be back! its been a rough road medically but hopefully that's all behind me!  I've had alot of support from friends and family, which i am truely grateful for!  I've also had alot of horsie therapy....  amazing what an impact those loving, beautiful animals can have when you are feeling a little blue....  so... i may not be able to play volleyball with these arms, but i sure can craft!  I may not be able to run with this knee, but my four legged friends let me sit on top while they run for me!  When one door closes.... another one opens.... may we always remember that!

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